For more than two years on the bike I took every opportunity to inspire school children throughout the world, bringing my lessons from the road to motivate pupils in both local and international schools in places as diverse as England, Crete, Georgia, Uzbekistan, China, Laos, and Indonesia.

Zigzagging my way around the globe, I’ve been able to explore a wonderful range of cultural and historical regions both on and off the saddle. Drawing from a multitude of hilarious cultural encounters and (at times) terrifying setbacks, my story both entertains and inspires the audience to make a difference in our world.

By Cycling4Cancer, I’ve seen and experienced the world from a unique perspective, battling through both physical and emotional hardships to ultimately triumph!

My motivational talks have so far focussed on topics which include the importance of setting goals; following your dreams; remaining positive; enriching your life through charity and community projects; persevering; maintaining a healthy lifestyle; overcoming setbacks; being a global citizen, and; making a difference in our modern world.

French International School, Jakarta

Lycée International Français de Jakarta

An English language school in Uzbekistan

An English language school in Uzbekistan

“Our school and students thoroughly enjoyed your visit Chris. You inspired us to what is possible. You shared great insights of your journey with us, that was so relevant to personal challenge, facing obstacles and making a difference. On behalf of the Jakarta International school community, and particularly the Health and Physical Education department, thank you for your visit and your contribution to making positive change, and changing the way we view cancer and life’s challenges”    Jakarta International School (JIF)

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