Along the way I had a few opportunities to share my journey on the radio. It’s always a buzz having a chat with an interviewer, not knowing who’s out in the community tuning in for a listen. Hit play, and then prepare yourself for a nervous Chris and plenty of unique tales from the road.

Hope FM

A few weeks after returning home from the expedition I had a radio interview on the program Open House, on Hope 103.2 FM. During the interview I talked with Dwayne Jeffries about various highlights of my 43 000km journey, challenges faced along the way, as well as adjusting back to life off the saddle. The audio is played over many of my favorite images between Castleford on day one in England and Newtown on day seven hundred and ninety seven in Australia…

ABC Canberra 666

In Canberra I chatted away with Adam Shirley (interviewer) and Richard Callaghan (Worldwide Cancer Research science grant holder). It was my first live broadcast, and it was a fantastic way to share my expedition and trip to ANU with the wider community.

Radio Adelaide and 5EBI 103.1FM, Adelaide, Australia

After cycling over 3000km through the middle of Oz, I was given the opportunity to share my journey with Adelaide and South Australian listners. This thirteen minute interview was with Ewart Shaw, and was recorded the day after visiting a couple AICR funded research centres in South Australia University.

C91.3 Radio, Sydney, Australia

After 27 months on the saddle across 43 counties, I finally made it home to Camden in Sydney. Soon afterwards this radio interview was recorded with the local station C91.3 with Rob Doorey. The newspaper clippings are all taken from the Camden Narellan Advertiser who followed my expedition with weekly articles throughout my trip.

91.5 FM, Chania, Crete, Greece

In Chania I was honoured to be a guest speaker in the weekly cyclist radio program.  The DJ mixed up a range of alternative music, while we sipped (or was it shot?) raki in the studio. It went on well beyond an hour, becoming more relaxed (or was it drunk?) as the questions kept coming. We have sliced it down to a more entertaining twenty minutes for my Cycling4Cancer followers…

Radio Robin Hood, Turku, Finland

In Turku I was kicking around a hacky sack with some friends on a day off, when we suddenly noticed that we were at the entrance to the local radio station. A knock at the door and five minutes later I was in the studio with Fran, chatting away to a local community centered radio interviewer. The questions put us off a bit, but in the end I got the message across…

BBC Radio Leeds, England

A week of teaching full time and of non-stop charity events culminated in an interview with BBC Radio. It was literally just before I took the bike outside and began my global cycle tour. Anxious and scared out of my wits, it was an incredible way to kickoff my expedition…

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