A list of all my blog posts, with the newest at the top…

Hope FM Radio Interview

Captured on Film – The Best of Cycling4Cancer

C91.3 Radio Interview with Rob Doorey

Cycling4Cancer Fundraiser Event: 22nd June at Barenz Camden


Cycling4Cancer on WIN News Television

The Road to Canberra

Australian National University (ANU) Video – ‘Epic Cycle for Cancer Research’

Radio Interview with 666 ABC Canberra

A Pedalling Voyage through Victoria

Katherine to ‘Larry the Lobster’

My Adelaide Radio Interview

The Last Ten Thousand?

The Road to Uluru – Video!

Into the Outback

From the streets of Jakarta to the rice terraces of Bali

An Appeal to help Maily Nguyen

The Sumatrans


The Merry Christmas Palau Penang Cycle Loop

Siam Sunset: To the south in search for the perfect Thai Beach!

The land of contrasts: The beauty of Angkor Wat and the brutality of the Khmer Rouge

Viet Nam


The Third Ten Thousand kilometres

The Race to Laos: Southwards through Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces

Epic Distances through Western China: Traversing Xinjiang, Gansu and Qinghai

The Kazakhs Hate Borat… and I Hate Kazakh Borders!

Kyrgyzstan: Along the Osh Bishkek Highway

The Turkmenistan Dash: A short film and quick guide to being a kickass dictator!

The Silk Road: Mashhad to Osh

Bicycle Traveler Magazine


The Second Ten Thousand Kilometres

Into The Caucasus

Free Chris’ Face!

Coastal Turkey: Cay Hopping from Village to Village over Endless Hills


Thunder and Sunshine: Greece

Zigzagging Down Eastern Europe – Video!

An Interview on the Radio in Crete

A Visit to the University of Patras, Greece

Disaster has struck, and my charity cycle tour now hangs in the balance!

The Balkans

An Alpine Adventure: Cycle Touring in The Alps

Tourism and The Camera: Reflections of a Solitary Cyclist

The First Ten Thousand Kilometres

The Baltic to The Balkans: Descending Eastern Europe

A Radio Interview from the road: RobinHoodRadio, Finland

My Helsinki Video Interview with AICR

Cycling4Cancer in the Hufvudstadsbladet (HBL) Newspaper, Finland

A Cycling Odyssey to The Arctic Circle

Images of Norway: A Cyclists Dream

Mark Beaumont gives his words of encouragement to AICR fundraiser Chris Gruar

Hitching to The Arctic Circle: The Charity Race!

Dumpster Diving Along The North Sea Cycle Route

Pedaling through the BENELUX States

From  the beaches of England to the Trenches of WW1

Around the Globe with Chris Gruar

A Video of England and Wales

Weekly Cycling4Cancer Articles in the Camden Advertiser

The Best of Southern England?

Wilson and the countryside of England and Wales

Cycling4Cancer on BBC Radio Leeds

Cycling4Cancer Hits the Headlines!

Two Weeks to Go!

My last trial ride along The Yorkshire Dales Cycleway

The Civilians and Gary Skyner Charity Night

A beautiful sunset ride in The Peaks District

The Road to Portugal: 2500km through Western Europe

A short tour of Northern England

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