6 comments on “The Road to Canberra

  1. Great post Chris and some stunning photos again. The Snowies are a wonderful part of the country and we have stayed at some of the places you wrote about, including that beautiful camping spot beside the Swampy Plains River at Geehi. What model camera do you have? We are in the market for a new one.

    Glad to hear that you were able to stay with Kate. She is just a beautiful, warm and wonderful person.
    Enjoy the last sections of the ride. A stop-over at the Scarborough pub on the coastal road north from Wollongong is a must. Just a magnificent view over the Tasman Sea. Good food and beer too!!

    I am hoping to get into uni on Monday. Are you planning to ride on to Camden later or waiting for a day or two to do that?
    Looking forward to catching up soon.



    • Hi Arthur,

      Glad you enjoyed the post – the camera is a GF3 Lumix, and yeah loved taking those pictures through the Snowy. Unfortunately I don’t know what to do with the special buttons, so its just point and shoot for me! For lightweigh and compact size, I really recommend my camera – but you may be able to get a better model if you are not fussed about the HD footage features. Anyways, you’re welcome to borrow my Lumix next week 😉

      It was lovely staying with Kate – we hadn’t seen each other since Sarah’s 21st so it was nice to catchup after so many years! Descending down the Illawarra HWY today was incredible (and fast!). I’ve now got a couple days to enjoy the Royal NP! Thanks for the pub tip!

      10am I will be arriving to the city, and will be talking by 1030. I will pedal past the Library and Quad, and talk from the Law Foyer. Would love to see you at the finish line (though keep in mind I will then pedal to Camden and have my end point on Argle street on Thursday afternoon). I will travel back via Westmead Hospital for another charity event too. My mobile is 0481 330 260, so feel free to give me a buzz so we can go over any details. Also, on the 22nd in Barenz we will have a big charity afternoon with food, bands and presentations of my trip 😉

      See you next week!


      • Hi Chris,

        I’ll forgo the Uni meeting on Monday and be in Camden with bells on!! We have also put the BarEnz function in the diary. Enjoy the last part of the ride and look forward to catching up on Thursday afternoon. Where should be be waiting!!



  2. Glad you are almost home. Hope you and Chris get to catch up at some stage. xo felicia

    • Yep almost there – I just descended down Illawarra HWY to the Gong, itw as a brilliant ride. I’ll let Liebo know about my Monday morning finish at Sydney Uni, but if he has work I hope to catch him on the 22nd in Camden at Barenz! I’ll be doing my best to visit my brother in Port Macquarie in the coming months, so on the way up hopefully I can drop in for a hello 🙂


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