4 comments on “A Pedalling Voyage through Victoria

  1. This brings back memories from our time in Victoria. Enjoy the last km. And especially enjoy the moment of coming ‘home’
    Martje and frank, the dutch couple you met in Croatia

    • Victoria really was beautiful, especially with all the national parks and scenery. I hope after this long use are settled back in ‘home’ as well 😉 How did use go adjusting back to life in The Netherlands after so long? And are use still itching to get on the saddle again? haha I hope that puncture you were screaming to fix that day didn’t follow you all the way across Europe!!!


  2. Totally Awesome. I have been following you all along your journey…Really proud of you. I think you were the first blog I followed when I joined Word press.

    • Thanks Alesia – yeah I think a few wordpressers discovered the blog when my Norway post was shared two years ago! Thanks for following the journey for such a long time; as well as the expedition maintaining the blog has proved to be a whole adventure in itself! It’s really exciting to be so close to home now after such a long time on the road 🙂


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