14 comments on “Into The Outback!

  1. hey Chris, so good to have you home, well in the country and what a privilege for jake to be with you as you complete the journey. You have been so inspirational in your trip and the awareness you have brought and vital funds you have raised. well done 🙂

    • Thanks Pauline! We’re surviving, and have now reached Alice Springs. Dad will drive on to meet Lisa on Friday, so I’ll ride on by myself for a few days playing catchup to Uluru. Be great to see you again in a few months 🙂 Chris

  2. Hi Chris. It must feel like a new start there in your country. Everything is different now. Your dad supporting you, being able to communicate with people like you were used to do, travelling lighter, … It sounds like a re-adaptation trip. It must give you a big boost knowing that you are in the final country and that you are reaching your goal. I hope that the conditions (roads and weather) won’t be too bad so that you can enjoy this last episode to the maximum. A big achievement so far. All the best my friend.

    • Thanks Daniel; yeah its a buzz to be home in Oz, and with Dad following through its been nice to have the support and his cooking skills! Yesterday, for example, my bracket snapped a couple days ride out of Alice Springs, but with the car we were able to fix it up in the city and drive back in time to still cover 100km for the day! If I were alone that would have probably knocked me back a few days. Wind is picking up now, but with it the cold front which is refreshing 🙂 Should be back in Sydney in the end of May! Hope all is well! Chris

  3. Welcome “home” Chris. I am continually in awe of what you are doing. Such a selfless act of charity from which many Aussies could learn a thing or three!! You could consider taking the coastal route between Melbourne and Sydney. Less traffic and far more scenic!

    • Hi Arthur, thanks for the tip! I have an AICR event scheduled in for Canberra so i’ll have to stay inland for that – I’ll have to check up on those hill climbs inland too, and perhaps suss out a fishing hole or two. I’m now in Alice, hoping for this headwind to stop before the push to Uluru!


      • You could always ride up to Canberra from Batemans Bay via Braidwood or from Bega up to Cooma and then Canberra. Some steep bits either way though I think. The Hume Highway will definitely be flatter.
        When you are home and have had time to settle I’d love to take you fishing in my boat!

      • Thanks for the advice Arthur – I’ll have to check the elevation for those routes, and it also depends on the dates for any charity meets in the capital. Be great to drop a fishing line in, thanks! It will be nice to try my luck again away from locals using dynamite! I should be in Camden first week of June 😉 See you soon! Chris

      • Hi Chris,

        You are making good progress through the “red centre”. Good luck with the rest of the journey and please let me know when you will be riding into Camden as I’d like to be there to meet you if at all possible.
        Have you any plans to speak at the local schools yet? I’d be more than happy to use my contacts at various schools (both government and private) to arrange speaking engagements and, hopefully, some fund raising for your charity. I can contact all of the local primary and high schools very easily to determine if they are interested. I reckon that in return for you inspiring their students that they should undertake some form of fundraising for you. I am assuming, of course, that you will have some time available when you return.
        If I can help out in any way, no matter how small, please let me know. Your efforts deserve recognition in your local community!



      • Hi Arthur,

        That would be fantastic to set up those schools visits, thanks! I think Camden and Elderslie HS’s will be keen as they have already done a mufti day last year, but otherwise I don’t really have any other links as of yet with the primary or other high schools in the region. Yeah if I could coordinate an event or two with schools SRC’s that would be great, or even take the kids out on the Camden biketrack! I am scheduled to finish on the first weekend of June in Sydney University, followed by a day’s ride to Camden. I plan to spend a couple months locally with family and friends, picking up casual work if possible in the area (and ofcourse staying up all night watching the FIFA World Cup)…

        Thanks once again Arthur – from Melbourne we should be able to begin coordinating a talk or two!



    • Hi! Unfortunately we will be bypassing you while we stay on the Stuart HWY through to Adelaide! Thanks once again for the invite though, and if I extend the trip to Brisbane or drive up later in the year I’ll be sure to drop in to catchup 😉

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