8 comments on “The Sumatrans

  1. Cool pictures Chris. Seems like you are their most favorite Bule on the island :). Look at their happy faces. Stay dry out there. See ya soon.

    • Thnaks for the spelling tip for “Bule”. It looks like I’m staying quite close to your school, so hopefully we can arrange a time to meet this coming week. I’ll be in touch on fb 😉

      see you soon,

      Chris xo

  2. Hi Chris, how proud I feel for knowing you. Keep safe and enjoy the time you have left. Gail Woodcock

    • Cheers! It looks like use are having a hell of a journey in Oz. Great choice of car for the tour, and with “no haircut since 2008” I’m sure you fit right in at Nimbin haha… I had to lose my beard unfortunately – although as you know it resembled bum fluff more than anything else by the time we met in Islanbul.

      Not long now – if use are working your way across the north of the country, I’ll be in Darwin first week of march then 3000km through the middle. Pull over with a cold one if you see me in the desert 😉


  3. welcome to indonesia, the country with more than 17000 islands. glad to see your photos with indonesian peoples. hope you will enjoy your next destination, java island! waiting your article about java.

    will you visiting my town in solo?

    • Hi!

      Thank you for your words. It looks like I will be resting the legs instead of cycling in Java. I did visit Soho many years ago, however, and really enjoyed an afternoon in your city walking about. I will have to skip Soho this time though to catch my plane from Bali 😉

      Take care,


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