3 comments on “Malaysia

  1. Never mind the mozzies, don’t think I’d fancy camping with snakes like that around. Having said that, we’re planning an overnight trek in the Cambodian jungle soon. How much moz repellent is too much…?!
    Great post and thanks for the link. Have fun in Indonesia and scope out some good places for us to go in March!xx

    • Well I’ve found a school for use here in Dumai, where you have about 45-50 pupils for conversational English, and sleep in one of the family rooms of the house. Lovely family with two children, and a nice little community. There is an English couple staying there now so I can get their details if your interested – free board and food 😉

      I met a bloke last week who got about 170 leeches on a wto day walk in Malaysia. So just in case, take plenty of salt with you to get those suckers off!!!

      Thanks for your support and have a great time in this Cambodian school

      Chris xo

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