4 comments on “Siam Sunset: To the south in search for the perfect Thai beach!

  1. Congratulations Chris, you make me feel so proud to know you. Safe travels and Happy
    Christmas. (Gail, your mum’s friend)

    • Thanks Gail. I hope you have a nice Xmas with your family – for me I’m trying to track down a Santa costume for a rather festive bike ride on the 25th around Penang! See you next year,


  2. Chris, I can not believe what an experience you continue to have. And you are so purposeful as well. Very proud to have known you for as long as I have. Still waiting to see you in Forster. xo felicia or Mrs Liebo as you so fondly call me.

    • For purposefulness, a lot has to do with all the caffeine I consume each morning 😉 (typical teacher, no doubt)

      Thanks Mrs Liebo – AICR have a lab in Brisbane, so once I’m in Camden a short pedal up north might be on the cards. Ian is in Port too, so with a fishing rod and tent it would be a nice little adventure


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