3 comments on “Viet Nam

  1. Another top post Chris and again it’s whetted my appetite for further exploration in SE Asia. I’d be interested to know a bit more about Ho Chi Minh City traffic since I was slightly surprised when cycling into Hanoi how quiet it was relative to other travellers’ horrific descriptions . So far, the traffic here isn’t as bad as Iran.

    ps. totally agree with your take on the propaganda posters. Hilarious.

  2. You disappointed me in this post – you said you saw cows transported by bike, but didn’t post a picture!!!!

    I hear you on the gringo price. It’s a frustrating occurence in too many places. 2 weeks ago here in Ecuador I got in an argument with a cab driver who was trying to charge me a 25% premium as a gringo.

    • haha yeah unhappily it so often takes too long to get the camera out of the front pannier bag!

      25% isn’t too bad… In Vietnam there were instances where they where trying between 3-400% of what locals pay. And yeah it really sucks when your travelling for such a long time and are used to recieving so much unconditional hospitality from locals. At the end of the day where all gringo’s or falangs. However, I don’t mind getting ripped off in rural areas and paying that bit extra when I’m buying food directly from the people growing it on their land and sitting by the roadside each day of the year waiting in the sun for a car to pull up and buy their watermelon!

      Happy travels in Equador 🙂


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