9 comments on “The race to Laos: Southwards through Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces

    • Hi Kevin, thanks for your comment. One things for certain my next post won’t cover such an insane distance! But I hope my words don’t sound heinous; there were many incredible moments and experiences to take away countless positives from the ride.


    • haha, Tom gotta say mate I’ll struggle to take daily showers ever again after this trip – I guess it means I can compete with the wicked smells pupils produce in the classroom! Hope the teaching is going well in Syd. Chris

    • Thanks Grace 😉 It got a little insane through Southern China with the visa deadline, but you’ll be glad to know I’m well recovered after a couple months of a slower pace and fantastic SE Asian cuisine (not to mention the odd massage).


    • Thanks Carmen for your support – I really appreciate your contribution to AICR too 😉 Your going to have a blast when you travel through the region on your bike, especially in Northern laos!


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