7 comments on “The Second Ten Thousand Kilometres

  1. amazed as always chris – keep up the good work – prayer for your safety and healing as always xxx

    • Thanks Pauline it’s greatly appreciated. I have a tough stretch ahead of me to reach Bishkek, and I’ve seen the last of flat terrain until Kazahkstan, so there will be plenty of nursing of those legs in my tent at night! Take care, Chris.

    • Thanks Kelly. I reached 22, 000 kilometres yesterday at the end of my time in Uzbekistan. It was such a special experience to travel through such a wonderful country, and I miss it there already! Chris.

    • haha Thanks Val and Travis; I’ve just reached Osh and tasted horses milk for the first time at lunch – something I’ll have to get used to as I make my way through the village mountains to reach Bishkek next week. Hope use are both doing well. Chris

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