5 comments on “Into The Caucasus

  1. You are TRULY an inspiration. When we heard what had happened to you with the couple we were so angry on this side of the world hahaha! Glad that it ended up being an AMAZING experience keep on moving! We are supporting you from Melbourne, Australia
    -Val/ Travis

    • Hi Val and Travis,

      Thanks for the support – yeah it was such an awful experience, especially since I worked for the husband and was a guest in their home. Thankfully Iran is super safe, with public camp sites in each city, and endless sand to hide in when I’m out in the desert. (just ignore the military parade here in Tehran today, when the soldiers kicked down and smashed the Israeli flag!) The people are so hospitable, and are so disconnected to the politics here! Unfortunately getting those central Asian visas is proving a nightmare, but I will nevertheless be on my way eastwards in a few days 🙂

      I hope use are both doing well,


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