10 comments on “Free Chris’ Face!

  1. Very sorry and shocked to hear of the assault and robbery Chris. There are some bastards in this world and it seems that they exist in every society. I trust that you still have your bike and can replace enough of the stolen items to continue the journey.

    • Thanks Arthur,

      I was a guest in their home and while I volunteered to do some labor work with the husband, the wife stole about $1700 worth of equipment from my panniers. Not sure if they had planned it together or if it was just the wife; but they both became violent. They were incredibly poor though that doesn’t excuse what they did – luckily with the police we seized all the gear back when we inspected their house around midnight. I should get back on the road by the end of the week – 400km to Iran so still plenty to be positive about despite the crime!

      Thanks for your concern,


      • Rather incredible Chris. Just goes to show that you really can’t “judge a book by the cover” as the old saying goes. Or is it that you just can’t trust a woman!! That comment will get some debate raging!!


  2. Wow bad Chris, hope you feel strong enough to continue your journey.
    My experience of Iran is that they are in general very warm and nice people.
    Had a great meal with Iranian captain in Persian gulf. But always watch your back of course.
    Good luck with the rest of your journey!!

    Regards Andreas

  3. So sorry to hear this, guess there are bastards everywhere, luckily there are also honest people everywhere too. I’ll be thinking of you when I do the Race for Life (for cancer research) in July, bit puny compared to the cycling but quite big deal for non-sporty oldie like me.
    Sarah (with Dave in the VW camper van and Earl Grey tea in Macedonia in October)

    • Thanks Sarah. I guess it was just bad luck to run into these people, but I’m back on the road now and trying to put it past me. I think that was the best Earl Grey tea I’ve had in my life, cheers! Goodluck on your upcoming charity ride for cancer research, and thanks again for your support!


  4. Hi Chris,

    That does NOT sound like a nice experience. Looking forward to hearing what happened. We are glad that you are OK!

    Greetings from Seattle,


  5. Hi Chris,
    we just read what happened to you in Vanadzor and we are so sorry. We passed that very town the last week and had a strange feeling about that place, so we left it behind quickly.
    Hope you are well,
    Dennis & Martina

    • Hi Dennis and Martina,

      Thanks for your concern; yeah I had the same feeling and bypassed it until the robbing! Apparently its the worst crime place in Armenia, but even then it was bad luck to meet such people. I put up our photo on the last post – hope use don’t mind!

      If you haven’t considered it already, I really recommend taking the road south via Tatev Monastery. You descend on very smooth tarmac, but then on the twenty-five or so switchbacks out of Tatev Gorge its on dirt… which continues for 50km or so. But you can stay at the BB in Tatev (4000 I think), and then the following day there are some beautiful villages to descend through on the way to Kapan. Oh and a word of warning – the last climb over the Meghri mountains is a killer! The views from 2535m high are superb, and then in the river valley towards Iran its like a different world – there are even flowers blossoming with the arrival of spring! Don’t take your camera out near the border, and if its close to dark don’t go further than Meghri… the Russian and Armenian soldiers hassled me so much last night, and forced me to stay in a hotel.

      I’m following your blog too, and loving many of the images – the translator works okay too so I can even follow your words!

      Take care and happy riding


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