5 comments on “Coastal Turkey: Cay hopping from village to village over endless hills!

  1. Hi there,

    This is Jasper, the Dutchman with the tights you met up with in Croatia for a bit. I see you made it out to Vanadzor, good for you, I was there two-and-a-half months back, my trip took me through Turkey to Georgia and Armenia – and back. I sincerely hope you enjoy your travels and may they be safe!

    • Jasper mate small world – I spent a week or so in Istanbul with Andrew who you met in Bulgaria. He told me all about your epic ride, and it sounded incredible! I searched everywhere for your email but forgot to get it on the day we met before Split. I wonder where our French hitch hiking friend has ended up??? You must have been riding fast to cover that ground in time. When my bike broke in Greece I was going to have Ideal sponsor me a ride, but opted for the Dawes instead. It was only later at looking at a picture that I saw you ride the Ideal – how did the bike do over such a big distance?


      • How did I only now get this? The Ideal did fine, but it broke down a lot (rear tyre, gears) after a bit, sort of a hassle. Quite amazed at that guy. I envy you to an extent you don’t even know, but as you are a dumbass (like me) I know of the hardships (camping at -whatever degrees etc.) you will force upon yourself. I guess what seperated us is you being more stubborn. I drove quite fast indeed, covered 12k in total in half a year, but that was a bit too fast as well, didn’t take enough time out..

        All the best man, I’ll keep tracking ya.

      • It must have been all those carbs in Lidl that kept you riding so fast! As you know when you cycle alone stubborness is the only thing that keeps you going on many days – sometimes its determination, or stubborness masked in determination! On reflection I think that’s why we both didn’t have much breaks at that stage in the trip… it took six months to begin to enjoy days off, and when I did stop it was forced by a broken bikeframe. The bad weather helped – why have a day off when its cold? Anyways, live and learn. I was blown away when I found out how far you rode, no doubt searching for the perfect kebab out east 😉

        All the best Jasper – I hope the Ideal is back in peak condition!


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