7 comments on “Disaster has struck, and my charity cycle tour now hangs in the balance!

  1. I’ve just received word that the bike is now in the mail, and hopefully I will be able to continue my ride in just a few days. The past week has seen a phenomenal response by those following Cycling4Cancer – well over 1200 pounds has been raised for ‘Wilson the Second’. I will have a post up next week introducing you all to my new companion, but for the moment I just want to give a big thank you to all those who helped raise the funds through donations; my new friends in Patras who have given me a roof and put up with my presence on the laboratory computer, and; to the team at AICR who have done everything to keep my spirits up and get me back on track! You all rock 🙂

  2. Excellent news – lets get that show back on the road!!
    Chris, I’m currently researching the possibility of doing a short trip over to NZ for a couple of months by bike in Feb/March for England cricket v NZ. Never done such a thing and never been on a bike for more than 20 mins so just checking out the reality and got my eye on a Ridgeback Panorama with front and back racks – looks a beaut for travelling on – i see you had the Dawes Galaxy and now looking for a Super Galaxy – they also sound good from what I’ve read. Was just wondering what essentials I should be thinking about (even obvious things but I’m obviously looking at tents/sleeping bags and a bike and equipment) taking for a few months – any tips/advice/recommendations. Obviously, budget is always an issue as I’m sure you’ll probably be living through so any advice for that would be great (keeping money, etc.). Add to the fact I’m diabetic so could you give us a clue on how tough and arduous it is. I’m just starting out now to get some training in and see how it goes and with the Diabetes but I think it’s more realistic going by bike than say walking yet more challenging and interesting than by car/motorbike, Would really appreciate anything you could offer if you have the time. Thanks

    • Hi Rick,

      I’m also flirting with the idea of adding New Zealand after reaching Sydney; so you better hit me up with all your experience when you return 😉 On paper I think the Panorama is a better bike than the galaxy, although with the gear range the upper models of the Galaxy are better. But if I were you I would be giving the ‘Surly Long Haul Trucker’ a consideration; for its price its probably the best mid-range tour bike available, with the advantage of a proven long-haul touring track record, easy to repair, and they have retailers throughout the world. But as a commuter afterwards the Panorama/Galaxy may be more suitable! If you have time I would get myself on all three for a test ride before you decide; unfortunately from Greece I didn’t have this advantage last week! Anyways, gear wise do not consider anything but Ortlieb pannier bags, unless you prefer outer pockets etc. You can get just about all your gear at GoOutdoors, and with brands like Vango and Lifesystems there is always a cheaper alternative than the big name brands. MSR petrol stove will be a wise choice if you plan to prepare your own food. Take a look at my gear page for more ideas – I will be updating the page from Crete once my winter kit arrives. For security take a cable to attach to the tent, and keep backup funds/document copies inside the frame!!! Having diabetes shouldn’t be a problem as long as you adjust the diet and keep plenty of booster foods. I’m guessing the ‘hitting the wall’ effect may be more dangerous for diabetics, but within English speaking countries you shouldn’t have any serious problems as long as you use common sense (ie- maybe avoid long stretches of desert such as the Gobi or Sahara!). Finally, sign up to WarmShowers, Couchsurfing and BeWelcome. Between the three you can create a massive network of support for your first tour to NZ…

      Goodluck and happy planning!


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  4. Hey Chris, Just wondering how things are going and how the new bike is breaking in? Never made it NZ; bit short on the planning front but hoping to get a bike soon and agreed that the Surly LHT looks a beast of a bike! Hope you’re going well. Rick

    • Hi Rick. Have you seen the official NZ cycle touring website? Most of the routes are off road, but the route network is superb even if you stay on the roads… Anyways glad your going for the LHT! Mine is feeling fine now – although plenty of punctures are making me consider the tyres sooner rather than later! All the best, Chris.

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