7 comments on “The Balkans

  1. Ola,
    Great to hear that you also liked albania a lot. Good to read your stories. We are back home since one week and are slowly adjusting to an other life. Safe travels. Big hug frank and martje, the dutchies in croatia

    • Hi Frank and Martje,

      Well done on making it home after such a mammoth two year ride! It must be so satisfying taking that last push into your driveway/s! Yeah Albania was very special… although in Greece no-one seems to have heard of the place. I cant even change notes… in the bank of greece thismorning the woman had to consult a collegue to identify which country the notes belong to, and then explained to me there are just TWO places in the entire country to get it changed – The Bank of Greece in either Patras or Athens. Insane! I let her know that Greece shares a border with Albania… she looked pretty bewildered haha!

      Goodluck adjusting to a routine at home… I bet use are both sneeking out of the house each night to do a small ride on the canals 😉

      All the best,


  2. This sure is truly a journey of a lifetime (and for a great cause). I hope to someday see a fraction of the places you have traveled but in the meantime I really appreciate your narrative and photos. It paints a fascinating picture of the world from the saddle of a bicycle. Keep it up and in the tough moments stay strong.

  3. Good man Chris. Hope my prayers sustain you through the pain. You are doing a great job and showing great giftedness. Jake and Lisa must be very proud of you, as we are.

    • Thanks for your words Don; at the moment any riding gift is being severely impeded by the bike… I hope to get a service in Patras later in the week (my front pannier now moves around when I pick up speed, making the ride very unstable and dangerous on those descents)

      Take care,


  4. Fantastic. I love this part of the world so it was fun to read it through someone else’s eyes. Makes me want even more to go back to Croatia & Montenegro, and to visit other countries of that region.

    I continue to be impressed by your trip. Cycle on.

    • Thanks Kevin; Im glad my words made you relive your own travels in the region. It really is such a beautiful part of Europe, and yes you should definately head back 😉


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