7 comments on “An Alpine Adventure: Cycle Touring in the Alps

  1. Great video Chris – really captured the beauty (and pain) of your ride through the Alps. On a technical note, really well edited too with the clips before/after the opening/ending credits. May borrow that idea. And lovely write up and, as always, excellent choice of poem. “Around the World in Poetry” by Chris Gruar….?

    • Cheers Jon; yeah I tried to keep it brief after the longer Actic Circle video. I went for a song that Ollie would claim to be the best era of music… so you better provide a song from the eighties for me next time! Otherwise he’s a clear winner of your neverending music debate…

      haha yeah I’ve promised myself no more poetry for a while…

      Im spending a few days in Treskavec monastery in central Macedonia. The monastery is located on top of a mountain, at 1300 metres above sea level. The past two mornings I’ve woken for the sunset and spent much of the days doing volunteer work for the monastery. The monk should have enough wood now for two to three years. After nearly seven months on the bike its been great to spend time in one place and do some meaningful chores. Thismorning I walked down the mountain to use the internet, and plan to spend a few more days up there. If your looking to ever spend a few weeks on top of a mountain to relax, then this is the place!

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend,


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  3. Hey chris, the views you are getting to see are very beautiful. I bet you are paying for them in the hill climbs. keep going mate. some more well wishes from your Geordie friend Ken.

    • Thanks Ken – good to see your still following the journey! haha, yep feeling it up those hills. My silly obsession with history had me detour up the Parnassos Mountain Range to visit Delphi… but it was well worth it!!!


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