4 comments on “Tourism and the Camera: Reflections of a Solitary Cyclist

  1. I agree that the camera can be a distraction and obstruction. Perhaps I am being a camera snob, but I cringe when I watch some tourists snapping away without actually taking the time to SEE. However, I argue that the camera can be a great tool for enhancing tourism. When I look again at an image of an old woman in Romania (for example) it brings back vivid memories of being invited into her home, learning her family history through generations of rugs. The camera didn’t come out until I was leaving.

    And I believe that those hordes of snapshot snapping tourists such as you saw in Sibenik would fail to truly experience anywhere, camera or not.

    I hope you enjoyed Croatia! It’s an incredible country that I thoroughly enjoyed twice.

  2. I agree with Kevin above – a camera can certainly enhance travel – both in the moment, as it encourages you to look deeper, see things from a different angle etc, and once you are reflecting on it back home. The snapping tour bus style tourists are just that – ‘tourists’ – not travellers. Travellers aim for a much more enriching experience beyond the tokenistic photograph – they crave authentic experience with the people who live in that area, they want to explore beyond the tourist trail and they want to actively learn about the area. So keep taking photographs Chris – you’ll regret it if you don’t. PS Your photography has massively improved since you left Yorkshire – as have your jumping photos!

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