10 comments on “The Baltic to the Balkans: Descending Eastern Europe

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  2. I have really enjoyed your blog. I traveled in the same areas over 20 years ago..It is wonderful watching you on your journey. Alesia PS: I reposted this blog post on my own wordpress. YOU have put up some great pictures! You are so open with yourself and your life.

  3. Chris,

    I’m working a lot offshore to save for my wedding in Brasil 15 december. So at the moment doing wind farm in Germany. Such a pleasure to see your adventures for a good course. Nice to see so many good people around to support you with hosting , food,repair bicycle))))
    Really enjoy your blog and can’t wait for the next episode!!!!
    All succes on your next adventures

    kind regards Andreas

  4. One of my favorite posts, and a great story. Thanks also for inspiring me about countries I’ve never thought much of for travel. I love eastern Europe, but I’ve never thought about checking out Estonia or Latvia! Congrats on your fantastic journey.

  5. We are doing almost the same route as you – we started in Portugal and have come up and around the Baltic from there. Estonia and Lithuania were great. I think Poland will prove to be excellent as well. We have stood and taken photos in exactly the same 100 places or more. In all our time here we met just 4 other cyclists, so it is nice o know there are more. – Warren

    • Hi Esther and Warren,

      Thanks for getting in touch; yeah I didn’t ride into too many tourers up north either. It’s such a beautiful ride through Europe, especially as use started in Portugal. I rode there last summer in the north and really enjoyed it – particlularly with the glasses of port to celebrate the end of my tour along the Douro. Yeah I think Lithuania has been one of my favourite places. The roads north of Warsaw were trecherous. If you check my route make sure you avoid the main northern road I took…

      Happy ridin’


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