7 comments on “A Cycling Odyssey to The Arctic

  1. Excellent work Chris. Gutted that I only got to see a small part of Norway – cycling definitely has the advantage over hitchhiking on that front! Although I’m not sure I could have managed the 200km in a day cycle! Keep the posts coming – I should have my Hitching4Cancer article written soon too…

  2. Hey Chris, we really enjoyed watching your video. It took us back to the spectacular Norwegian scenery we walked through on our way to Austerdalsbreen. We hope you enjoyed the Belgian Meli cookies and the ravioli 🙂 Keep on cycling we are following your adventures at home feeling a little jealous.
    Kurt & Carine

    • Hi Kurt and Carine,

      I’m glad use enjoyed the video – it was so difficult to select the clips after so much spectacular scenery throughout Norway! Thanks again for all your help on the day, and to share such a stunning walk was a fantastic experience. haha those honey waffles didn’t last long, they were so delicious, and I’m even tempted to cycle back to Belgium to load the panniers full with them 🙂

      Thanks for your support,

      keep in touch,


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