8 comments on “Pedalling through the Benelux States

    • Thanks mate… its really just point and click, and I’ve started editing the images too so thats lifted a bit of the colour. I think I’ll do a month of images like yours along the way at some stage…

  1. Hi old friend,

    I’ve been following your blog for a little while now, and just thought I’d let you know how proud I am to hear of what you’re doing. And it’s so great to be able to watch you along the way. Your writing is fabulous and the pictures are a joy to look at. Looking forward to the next leg already!

    Lots of love,

    • Hi Sarah – great to hear from you!

      I’m glad your enjoying the journey; its nice to know people at home are taking an interest! I should be crossing into Sweden or Norway in the coming days, but sitting here doing the research in Aalborg is just confusing me… Im just about ready to toss a coin and jump on a ferry… Denmark has been really beautiful, and I’ve been following the North Sea Cycle Path all along the western coast. Camping on the sand dunes with all the unique birdlife has been really special (and the sun is finally shining).

      Hope your doing well, Keep in touch,

      Chris xx

  2. Hey Chris!
    It’s James from Freeston, 1 of the boys who waxed their legs and got you £300, anyway your doing really well! Love the whole blog, i would like to do something like this when i’m older too so i find it really interesting! I bet it takes a lot of hard work but you seem to be managing haha so keep it up and keep us updated on whats happening.


    • Hi James,

      Use did a fantastic job shaving those legs and raising the dosh… though I hope your still in touch with your masculine side and those hairs have grown back 😉 I’m glad you have been enjoying my website, and it’s nice to know my journey is still being followed from Freeston. I wanted to ask you actually if use have uploaded the video of the shaving onto Youtube or Vimeo? If you upload the video I will be able to embed it onto my charity page; I think its a brilliant example of how people at home can get involved to raise money for AICR!

      Hope your enjoying the school term (not long now until summer, woohoo!)

      Take care,


  3. Thanks! and i am don’t worry, i’m worried about the other 2 though 😉 and i’ve got a few other people to come look it as well so they’re following you too. And no we haven’t yet, i’ll ask for the camera and upload it myself! School’s Ok but i’ll be relieved when the exams are over! 4 weeks till summer holidays!

    Keep it up!


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