6 comments on “Wilson and the countryside of England and Wales

    • Hi Ruth,

      Thanks for your kind donation on my justgiving page; it’s great to know the sign on my bike is being read! After Bristol I followed the railpath to Bath which was superb!

      All the best,


  1. Hey Chris,

    It was great meeting you in Bath today! I looked through your blog and it seems like you have already had some crazy experiences on your trip. I love the picture of the sheep with the snowy hills in the background. I wish you all the best in the rest of your travels and I will definitely keep up with your blog. If you’re ever in New York or Pennsylvania, feel free to drop me a line!


    p.s. In case you’re wondering, the “international guitarist” we saw in the square today is named Daniel Gerrard…sorry the CD wouldn’t work!

    • Hi Liz,

      It was nice to meet you today too- great to have a chat in the sunshine and enjoy the music. At times during the day it can get lonely, so thanks for keeping me company over lunch. After you left I had the opera girl singing too so the afternoon was full of music(oh and a nice old couple fed me chips and lollies, random haha). I ended up cycling onto Avebury so hopefully I can camp by some prehistoric stones thisevening. Enjoy the rest of your studies in Bath, and ill keep track of our ‘international guitarist” online.

      Take care,

      Chris xx

  2. Hi Chris,
    Hope everything is going well, just to keep you up to speed cheque for donation has cleared our bank account so should now be in yours to transfer. Also not sure if you heard but Featherstone beat Castleford on Saturday (get in), Jackie has had a field day at work at Cas High with all Cas fans.
    Speak to you soon and updates of blog will be put on large screen on band nights at club.
    Look after yourself and good luck.
    Neil and Jackie.

    • Hi Neil and Jackie,

      Thanks for that – I put through the money raised on my JustGiving page last week, so I’m coming up to 60% of my fundraising target now which is great! You know I would have been cheering Cas too, I’m shocked they let us down (I bet Jackie will give it to Garry every time she see’s him now until the next round!). Thanks for keeping the club interest while Im on the saddle – its nice to know people are taking an interest (especially right now after two days of severe headwinds). France tomorrow 🙂 Take care, Chris

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